bithoop Smart Files™ edition

The Smart Files Edition makes your file environment “smart”, by automatically and intelligently grouping related files together as you work.


Nothing is moved, nothing is altered, nothing is changed, no permissions are changed, and nothing new is installed. Bithoop leaves everything in place, just like it is and prepares your indices, and builds its librarianship layer on top of that.

From then on you simply enjoy the speed at which you can work, the speed at which the right documents come to you, and how you suddenly spend far less time looking for the right information.

Features & Capabilities

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Organize Your Shared Document World

  • Blazing fast search across your entire shared document archive;

  • Thumbnails let you visually instantly locate what you're looking for;

  • Files are grouped & matched by theme and subject matter;

  • Explore related topics with a single click;

  • Supports multiple O365/SharePoint accounts

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Give MS Teams Document Smarts

  • Embed bithoop in MS Teams conversations, or channel tabs;

  • Instant one click access to all documents in your archives, including shared with and by you;

  • View, work and edit with your Microsoft tools right in the bithoop tab;

  • Share files without duplicating them;

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Document Organization While You Work

  • View, edit files directly in bithoop using MS Office tools;

  • See all related files (topic, theme) automatically gathered while you view and edit;

  • Switch between related files for viewing and editing, or cutting and pasting;