Bithoop is much more than another email client, document manager, or search tool.  It is an intelligent information manager that automatically organizes your documents, emails and attachments to match your daily workflow. You can cut through daily clutter with a single click and triage information to your hearts delight.  Doing more in less time, is the whole point of bithoop. Not bragging, but  there's been nothing like this ...ever.

Find while you work...

Bithoop is smart! It knows what you're working on and automatically finds all related content as you work. Regardless of what it is or where you put it.  Think about it, finding without searching... Yup!

Its all right here...

In bithoop, access to everything is right in front of you. Documents, emails, attachments are all accessible directly from bithoop.  There is no need to leave bithoop to navigate your directories looking for a document, or slogging through your inbox to look for an attachment or email. 

Genius organization...


Create intelligent work sets. Work sets automatically filter new information into your set, as you create new documents or emails, or whatever other people share it with you. If it belongs, it will be in that set.  You don't have to go look for it in that shared folder that you can't remember. You can make as many sets as you like for different projects. Folders are so yesterday!

Works with, not against...


Bithoop is simple to set up, simple to work with and is non-destructive. No configuration, no importing/exporting or tagging. No hoops to jump through. <Pun intended.> It just works.


Bithoop sits on top of your existing applications and platforms leaving everything in its place, without moving or changing anything.  It just lets you work smarter, faster and happier.  

All is not lost...

Discover stuff you didn't know you had, or forgot about, or never saw. Double click on any document, email, or attachment and bithoop finds everything related to it, regardless of location or kind. Hard to believe but true!

Rock your mobile world...

You won't believe how great bithoop works on tablets and smart phones.  If you've ever tried to send an attachment kept in O365, Google or anywhere else while mobile, you know what we mean. Thats just one frustration bithoop fixes. There are lots of others.

Work... Smarter... Faster...

The smartest email, and document productivity app ever created

Ok, Whats a bithoop?

It's a word we made up for describing our underlying information organization.  


Technically, a bithoop is a a dynamic association of content based on intrinsic similarities.  Aren't you glad you asked?

Put it another way, our underlying technology (managing content in a bithoop) represents a whole new way of managing information by automatically associating one thing with another.   Kinda  like your brain does, people with projects, emails with things to do etc. 


Yeah ok, its AI, we just don't wear it on our sleeves. 

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what bithoop can do for your business, especially if processing speed,  and doing more with less matters.


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